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Mac or PC. User-friendly experience. Just set it and forget it. Instantly restore your deleted files or entire folders from our servers at any time with one click.

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Try our 1 month no-credit-card free trial. No file size limit. No backup storage limit. Backup up to 10 computers at the same time, with the same account!

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We use military grade TLS 1.2 encryption for your backup transfers. Your files are stored encrypted on our servers which you alone have access to.

Complete Digital Convergence
Access any file on any device.

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Minimum Requirements:


2003 or later (XP, Vista, 7,8,10, and Server)
1 GHz Intel or equivalent CPU
512 MB of RAM
Broadband Internet Connection
Internet Explorer/Firefox/Chrome


OS X 10.6.8 or later (and Server)
1 GHz Intel or equivalent CPU
512 MB of RAM
Broadband Internet Connection

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iOS iPhone and iPad (4.3 or later), Android (2.4 or later), Windows 8 Mobile
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No storage limits. No size limits. No bandwidth throttling or other hidden limits. We offer you all the space you will ever need, accessible at any time from any of your devices.

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All payment transactions are as secure as your data. No worries. We offer a variety of payment methods including credit cards and PayPal which you can control at anytime.

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Save your precious time. Your files will back up without network throttle's or any other hidden limits. 10Gbit/sec backbone and 12Gbit/sec of IP transit to the Internet. Learn More...

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Unlimited storage and unlimited file size backup. You can backup full length HD movies, as many as you wish.

Backup 10 computers on a single subscription. Mac or PC. Backup your whole family computers.

Unlimited transfer speeds or bandwidth, our data centers have super fast connectivity around the globe.

Get exactly the same experience on your Mac and/or Windows computers.

Listen to your music or view your photos, movies and documents from your mobile device.

Access files from any web browser. Browse them like you would on your computer.

Restore your deleted files or entire folders from our servers at any time with one click.

Watch your movies and listen to your music from your web browser or mobile device.

We keep up to 30 versions of any file on our servers, retrievable by you at any time.

Own a NAS ? Backup your mapped drive, NAS drive or network storage location, for just $179 per year.

Our support team is passionate about your needs. We will respond on any issue within 24 hours.

100% safe and secure, safely stored in the EU. Your online files are military grade TLS 1.2 encrypted.

Backup Plans
Family backup plan. 10 computers. Mac or PC. $24/ Year
$3/ Month
Solo backup. 1 computer. Mac or PC. $10 / Year
$2/ Month

Don't wait! Save your files now!

Memories build us. They carve our future and leave a mark from the past. Use Dupplica to ensure their safekeeping. All hard drives die. It's just a matter of time. They break down, get lost and/or stolen. With Dupplica you will never have to worry again, carry annoying hardware or keep legacy clutter. Just access your files from any device wherever you are and have all your data in the palm of your hand.



I would like to know how often does the backup take place or how often should I back up. Will it remind me to back up or is it automatic?

Dupplica Backup is fully automatic by default. It is easy to scheduled the backup to run once an hour or once a day or even during the night.

Which files shouldn’t be backed up?

We recommend that system files and/or installation programs not be backed up. Those files are meant to work specifically with their original installation and will not work on other various devices. Learn more...

Is there a file size limit when uploading?

There is no file size limit! Anything goes.

How to remove files from Backup?

1-Click on the Dupplica icon. 2- Select Manage Backups. 3- Navigate to the file/folder you wish to stop backing up, and deselect the item. 4- Click OK. Once the item(s) has been deselected, they will be marked for deletion and permanently removed from the servers after 30 days.

Can I backup external USB hard drives?

Absolutely! Dupplica will backup any external USB hard drive as long as the hard drive is connected to your computer while running Dupplica and that they match your device format. Windows format for PC and Mac for Mac. Learn more...

Will my first backup take longer to complete?

The initial backup will take longer. Thereafter all backups will run much faster. Other factors that may affect the backup time include the amount of data selected for backup, your device processing speed, and the internet speed (You may manually limit your upload or download speed under the bandwidth tab in your backup software).

It is unclear to me how to set it up

1) Go to 2) Click on "30 day free trial" button. This will lead you to our registration page. 3) Enter your details (Subdomain can be for example yournameandfamilyname) 4) Click continue. 5) Use the following links to Download Dupplica for Mac OSX, or Windows. During setup, when prompted for a user name, use the same email address you used to create your backup account, and the password you have just used to create your backup account.

Will my data be safe?

Your data is safe! Dupplica utilizes a state of the art complex encryptions to protect your data. Our website, in parallel to our backup transfers, both employ the highest TLS 1.2 encryption. Although being a cloud service, we backup our servers as a secondary backup of your data. Your data will never be shared with anyone. You and only you alone have the power to access your data. Learn more...

I am not clear on who your audience is. Is this service available internationally? Might the backups be slower if I’m located in another country?

Our online backup's are served globally for home and business users. Our data centers are located in the EU for many reasons, some of them are: 1) Data centers based in the US might be forced to hand over their stored information to the authorities. Being in line with the EU rigorous privacy standards that regulate international data transfers make the process much longer. 2) EU geolocation as an international backbone hub.

Which payment methods do you offer?

We care about security so we strictly use Paypal. Although PayPal and Google Wallet would be the industry most secure, we prefer Paypal until further notice. Pay here

FTP or WebDAV details for the Sync Folder subscribers:

Our FTP/WebDAV service is a fully compliant (including support for file upload and download resume functionality). You can use any FTP client software to connect to your Sync Folder. The FTP server details are:, Port 21 | Username: the e-mail address registered on your account | Password: the password you chose during signup. For more information...

Where can I download the software?

Upon registration, we send you a welcome mail containing download links. Use the following links to Download Dupplica for Mac OSX, or Windows. For the mobile apps: Open Access for iPhone and the iPad, or download Open Access for Android.

The world increasingly interacts digitally through cyberspace. Alongside the many benefits, it leaves individuals and organisations open to cyber risks. These include the possibility of hostile cyber intrusions or attacks against our interests. National Security Strategy identifies this as one of the four main areas of global security risks. As part of a cross effort, Dupplica, protects us from current and future cyber threats from a range of cyber actors whether from hostile states, terrorists and/or criminals.